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Lou Ventura

How about the option to adjust the Height(px) of the submenu items from the Main menu as an example sent by micwie above screen shot In this example how do we adjust the height difference of the COLLECTION to the submenus namely SUBMENU1 TEST, SUBMENU2 TEST and SUBMENU3TEST?

How to Style WordPress Menus & Dropdowns with CSS
Kathline Mccreary

This CSS will setup your top level menu items in a horizontal row with each of the links being a clickable “block”, meaning that you can click on the space around the link, not just the text, essentially making the links buttons, not just text links. Also notice in the last section that I have used both “.current-menu-item” and “.current_page_item”; this is because the default pages menu and the wp_nav_menu() function assign different class names when the currently viewed page/item is displayed. I’ve also included the link hover in the list of selectors in the last section. This is because I want the link hover to match the “current page” status style.
Jessie Summers

Creates vertical accordion menus from any WordPress custom menu using jQuery. Add menus using either…

CSS Dropdown Menu in WordPress
Mickey Shrader

We now have a menu built and our Walker Class is in place. It’s now time to print our menu inside a theme file. To do this we will be using the wp_nav_menu() function. Using PHP we will call this function and pass it the parameters of our menu so that it can print out the HTML structure. The menu parameter is the name of the menu you created back in step 1. The container_id will add a CSS ID to the menu HTML which we will use in our CSS styles later. The Walker parameter is telling the wp_nav_menu() function to use our custom WordPress walker class to print the HTML.

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