How you can help save other WordPress users some time?

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How and Why You Should Leave Reviews on WordPress
Vance Coulter

WordPress is a community built around the open source philosophy. Developers, designers, and marketers contribute to it by lending their skills and sharing their plugins / themes. As a user, there are many ways you can help out as well. One of them is by leaving reviews of products that you use. In this article, we will talk about how and why you should leave reviews on WordPress.

23 Simple WordPress Security Tricks to Keep Your Website Safe in 2019
Elsie Jefferson

When you’re running WordPress multisite, or handling a multi-author website, it’s essential to understand what type of user activity is going on. Your writers and contributors might be changing passwords, but there are other things you might not want to happen. For instance, theme and widget changes are obviously only reserved for the admins. When you check the audit log you’re able to make sure that your admins and contributors are not trying to change something on your site without approval.
Jose Allen

Keep in mind that we may not be available to chat right away if all of our operators are busy chatting with other users. In this case, you will see Submit Support Ticket instead of Chat with Us. You can send your request by email or wait for few minutes until you see a pop up message on your screen informing that one of our operators is available to chat. The button will automatically change to Chat with Us. You don’t need to refresh the screen. The message will pop up and the button will be switched automatically once an operator will become available.

3 Reasons Why Your WordPress Site Will Get Hacked
Angela Miller

One of the top selling points of WordPress is its plugins. However, that is also one of its biggest risks. You save time and money by not needing custom coding, but you are also at the mercy of the plugin developers. With so many plugins and software updates happening on one platform, your site will quickly become outdated as plugins and software become incompatible and put your site at risk.

The other risk lies in the open source nature of WordPress. Since the system publicizes changes and security measures made with each release, it’s as easily available to hackers as it is your own web developers in every new release. I get it, exact code changes aren’t detailed, but anyone with some backend development experience can read the public information and identify vulnerabilities that were corrected in the newest release and know exactly where to target in websites with previous versions of software.

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