How We Increased Our Organic Search Traffic By Using HitTail

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The Long Tail Keyword Tool for Your Website
Inez Sims

Unless you offer an all-in-one keyword tool, which covers all the above features, you don’t want to target the generic phrase – “keyword tool” – because you would have to outrank hundreds or even thousands of websites even though they are not your direct competitors.
Instead, focus on your specific niche. That’s how we’ve got into the Top 3 of Google search results with the phrase “long tail keyword tool”.

How to Increase your Organic search traffic with HitTail (Review)
Angela Miller

If you are a blogger than you must be aware of the importance of search engine marketing. Whatever may be your niche Getting organic traffic “The Right Way”is very difficult nowadays for every webmaster especially after Google Panda and Penguin update, competition is everywhere and surviving this competition is a very big challenge! You should have heard or read that content is the King, that is if you write unique and interesting articles than your blog will for sure get popularity. But what if you do write unique and interesting content but still don’t get enough exposure or doesn’t get better in Google. Well if you are facing this type a problem than than let me tell you a secret – “Ofcourse content is the king but keywords is the Queen” Choosing and putting right keyword in your article will definitely solve your problem which is again a big task…! Well you Don have to worry now as HitTail will do everything for you. Hitatil is the best Long tail Keyword tool available in the market. Hitatil will not help you to choose keyword but also help you to drive more organic traffic to your site…which will ultimately help you to rank higher in Google.

HitTail Review: A Great SEO Tool to Increase Organic Traffic
Irma Foster

As a blogger, blogger’s block is one thing that happens to us from time to time. HitTail can make you really productive by suggesting the keywords that pays during those blank moments. Go back to your “to do list” in the HitTail suggestion dashboard and produce an evergreen content.

How We Grew Our Organic Traffic by 43% Without Publishing a Single New Blog Post
Benny Lopez

Involving everyone at Proven — even those outside of the marketing team — helps create more dynamic and diverse supporting content. We all have different backgrounds and skill sets, and everyone is focused on promoting the same piece of content. With everyone participating, it’s a great opportunity for team building across different departments.

How we Increased Our Traffic Through HitTail
Sherie Lester

Long tail SEO basically refers to targeting those search queries which are generally 2 or more than it in length. Actually the world is going smarter and everybody will have to work according this to keep up with the world. Most users don’t search for the keyword which are group related rather than, they search for the specific keywords. An example of this would be like this: user will search for the popular plugin for the wordpress rather than entering the wordpress or plugin in one keyword. The statistics result about search queries shows that more than 70% queries contain 2 or more than 2 words. Only 30% queries are specific terms. This % will surely going to decrease in the future world. If a user comes to your site than he will definitely have a purpose and looking for something special about his or her queries.

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