SJ Tech’s Cybersecurity Capability is grounded in extensive experience with high-stakes government and defense projects, reflecting their expertise in securing complex systems against advanced threats. This offering focuses on comprehensive security strategies to protect data, networks, and systems.

Our Purpose

Team SJ is proficient in designing, developing, documenting, and testing in compliance with DoD policies. Team SJ analyze vulnerability reports, prioritize and remediate them, and support Cyber Ops in security log reviews and incident response. SJ Technologies has experience in designing and implementing security solutions that comply with DoD and Air Force policies. This includes system security engineering documentation and integration of security tools. We support security operations centers, participate in incident response, and are involved in continuous diagnostics and mitigation. In Team SJ’s DevSecOps model, Team SJ incorporate security at every stage of the software development life cycle, including code analysis and compliance with security standards.


SJ Tech’s Cybersecurity Capabilities and Offerings are designed to deliver robust and comprehensive security solutions, ensuring the protection of critical assets against a wide range of cyber threats. By employing cutting-edge technologies and best practices, Team SJ’s provide peace of mind and a secure operational environment for government and defense clients, please see the fille attached below. 


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