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SJ Technologies has shown substantial cloud sustainment and software development capabilities in their past projects, particularly with the USAF LOGMOD and BaS&E systems. Their approach integrated agile methodologies, DevSecOps practices, and cloud-based environments, demonstrating a sophisticated and versatile skill set.

Key aspects of their cloud sustainment and software development include:

  1. DevSecOps and Agile Methodologies: SJ Tech employed a highly collaborative CI/CD environment with Jenkins CI Server, enhancing the speed and accuracy of software changes. They integrated this with Jira to support agile project management.
  2. Cloud Environment Management: They maintained the SJ GovCloud, an AWS platform, from 2018 to 2020 for LOGMOD and BaS&E software development and testing. This cloud environment replicated the government’s AWS Cloud One, illustrating their capability to manage and sustain cloud-based systems effectively.
  3. Automated Testing and Quality Assurance: They utilized tools like JUnit, Microfocus UFT, and Ranorex for automated testing, ensuring high-quality software development. Their approach also included SonarQube Scans and security scans to validate code during merges.
  4. Effective Stakeholder Engagement: SJ Tech’s process facilitated stakeholder involvement in testing and acceptance, demonstrating their capacity to align technical development with client needs and standards.
  5. Cost Savings and Migration Expertise: Their contribution to the migration of LOGMOD and BaS&E to AWS cloud and the implementation of cost-saving measures in cloud environments showcase their strategic and efficient handling of cloud resources.

This analysis highlights SJ Technologies’ proficiency in utilizing cloud environments and various development tools to support complex contracts, ensuring compliance with high standards of quality and security.

The “Past Performance Narrative – USAF LOGMOD BaS&E” document provides a comprehensive view of SJ Technologies’ capabilities in cloud sustainment and software development. SJ Tech has effectively managed complex projects for the United States Air Force, demonstrating their expertise in agile processes, CI/CD methodologies, and cloud environment management. They have a proven track record in successfully integrating and sustaining large-scale software systems, ensuring interoperability with current cloud and hosting environments, and adhering to rigorous cybersecurity standards. Their approach has consistently led to exceptional performance ratings, underlining their proficiency in meeting and exceeding contract requirements.

We manage and secure cloud infrastructures, aligning with RMF policies and leveraging cloud service tools for automation, lifecycle management, and optimization. This ensures that your cloud platforms are secure but also efficient and cost-effective.

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