WordPress Themes With Facebook Like Button Generator

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Vanna Miranda

Facebook rocked the internet yesterday with 5 new plugins, one of which is an API for the Facebook Like Button. After reading about it and playing a bit with the Facebook’s Like Button generator, I decided what’s needed is a WordPress plugin that allows folks to easily configure the look-and-feel of the Facebook Like Button, and then automatically add it the beginning and/or the end of their posts.

How To Add Facebook Like, Follow Buttons On Your WordPress Blog [With Codes]
Eunice Stewart

Hi Swadhin
Great information indeed.
I still am confused. I purchased a course from Udemy of WordPress development. Most of the things are clear to me. But all I want to is the code to put for facebook, twitter and linkedin share link.
I mean what function to use at the place of URL so that my custom share buttons in the theme file work smooth.
I have tried many place but nothing works

How to Add Facebook Like Button in WordPress?
Rick Green

Why is adding Facebook Like Button in WordPress Important? Having more Facebook-like helps to attract people to your site. In general concept, those site having excellent posts, articles, tutorials, and blogs have a maximum number of likes. It centers around a form of an advertising network functionality. It has been significantly upvoted for publicity which increases Traffic to your site and makes it look more appealing.

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