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Cheryl Rogers

Change in wordpress:
to (everything)
Rick Green

WordPress multisite subsites may be mapped to a non-network top-level domain. This means a site created as, can be mapped to show as This also works for subdirectory sites, so can also appear at Before setting up domain mapping, make sure your network has been correctly set up, and subsites can be created without issues.
Joyce Perry

This page was moved to except above language locator.
Kerry Ellis

Hi @glaucod, i also had your issue and would like to know your htaccess configuration so maybe i could fix this. Specifically, my subsite seems to behave well, i can access it and manage it, but when i hover the “my sites” button in the navigation dashboard it only shows my main site. So to access the subsite i need to go on manage network->sites.
This may seems a little problem but maybe it is hiding something bigger.
Donna Simmons

I get the same error. I am now starting to think that it is necessary to install another copy of WordPress in the subdomain directory. If both sites need the same users it will also be necessary to change the $table_prefix variable in the second install to point to the table prefix used by the original install. Then add the two defines to the second site’s wp_config file.

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