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Theodora Sinclair

2. Members Options Page – create and/or choose an existing Page that showcases your Membership subscription options. This special Page is where you will insert the PayPal® Subscription Buttons generated for you by s2Member. This Page serves as your signup page. It should detail all of the features that come with Membership to your site, and provide a PayPal® Subscription Button for each Level of access you plan to offer. This is also the page that Users will be redirected to, should they attempt to access an area of your site that requires Membership.

8 Best WordPress Membership Plugins
Vance Coulter

Ultimate Membership Pro is the elegant, responsive and one of the best Membership WordPress Plugin that allows you to create multi-level access for your Users based on Free or Paid packages. You can protect litterally any type of element of your site – pages, categories, any URL, content, images, menu and many other options.

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