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Professor Richard Quilliam
Derek Mckinney

Biological and Environmental Sciences (BES), within the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Stirling, has a strong reputation for research in environmental & ecological sciences and the science that underpins water & food security, and places considerable emphasis on the impact of its research. BES is a leading centre for nationally and internationally excellent field and laboratory based specialist research, and has a unique focus on the relationships between people and the environment. Our findings are used to inform policy makers and practitioners in environmental regulation, planning and management.

Professor Richard Quilliam
Natalie Luna

Biological & Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Natural Sciences
University of Stirling
tel: +44 1786 467769
fax: +44 1786 467843
email: Richard.Quilliam (at)

Professor Richard Quilliam
Melissa Thompson

PRACTICAL Modelling – Pathogen Risks in Agricultural Catchments: Towards International Collaboration And Learning in Modelling (NERC International Opportunities Fund; PI David Oliver)

Professor Richard Quilliam
Brady Vaught

Quilliam RS, Cross P, Williams AP, Edwards-Jones G, Salmon RL, Rigby D, Chalmers RM, Thomas DRh, Jones DL. (2013). Subclinical infection and asymptomatic carriage of gastrointestinal zoonoses: occupational exposure, environmental pathways, and the anonymous spread of disease. Epidemiology & Infection 141, 2011-2021

Professor Richard Quilliam
Vance Coulter

My research focuses on a number of sustainability and disease-related topics.  A central theme of my research is to understand how changes in agricultural practices and land-use, together with projected climate change, can increase the risk of exposure to human pathogens. I have a strong research background in environmental pathogen ecology, and water & soil pollution caused by the carriage, survival & cycling of zoonotic pathogens and enteric diseases through agro-ecosystems and aquatic environments. Much of my work is carried out in the context of sustainable agriculture and food & water security and is underpinned by a significant level of engagement with the local community and a wide range of stakeholders.

Professor Richard Quilliam
Bruce Ross

Coordinator and Chair of the Staff-Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) for Biological & Environmental Sciences (BES)

Professor Richard Quilliam
Daniel Mckinley

Isobel Swinscoe, “Exploiting insects as feed for sustainable salmon farming – identifying the risks of pathogen transfer within the production chain” (with David Oliver, UoS; Robin Ornsrud, NIFES). Funding: The University of Stirling, and The National Institute of Nutrition & Seafood Research (NIFES), Norway, as part of the ‘Aquafly’ project

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