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Our team is quick to address any potential bugs, make sure the entire theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress, and committed to the addition of new features and functionality. We provide extensive support and keep our themes up to date.

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Magee Shortcodes
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Magee Shortcodes is a responsive WordPress plugin boasting 55+ shortcodes. Compatible with most WordPress themes, you can easily customize page layouts and post content with built-in options, change size, color, action model, etc. You can also get how your inserted shortcode effects before it goes live and obtain fantastic portfolios with just a click of mouse.

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Magee makes creating a professional-look business site much easier. This theme gives you many options to customize your site. With it, you can change the header text colors, images; upload sliders; create portfolio; customize footer text and so on. The largest freedom is provided with you to build your online store. Anyone who wants to create a business site with WordPress may not miss this theme.

A List Of Free WordPress Themes For Business On
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Cubby is sepcially designed to help make a website as easy as it can get. As a free WordPress theme, Cubby provides you with some features that premium themes can do, for example the slides in the home page, the client says below the large slide, and more. The wonderful homepage design gives you the most possibility to display your featured products or service with the robust slide and Featured Images feature. It makes creating an attractive website so easy.

WordPress Theme Guide: Magee
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Change logo: hit the minus icon below to remove the previous logo and then upload a new one, click Save Changes at last. 4. Custom Header 4.1. Header Text
The Header Style 2 allows adding some texts, for example, your phone number and emailing address above the logo. If you select this style, you can custom the texts in box below Header Text(Header Style 2).
The default texts are a phone number and an email address, you can change the icon and add something else. To find Font Awesome Icons here: /onetone/font-awesome-icons/ 4.2. SNS Icons
The Header Style 2 and 3 allows to add SNS icons to header. The icons are preloaded which cannot be changed, you just need to add your links here.

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