How to Show Page Templates in WordPress Dashboard

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How to Show Page Templates in WordPress Dashboard
Carl Rodriguez

WordPress allows you to customize the look of each page by using the page template functionality. You can create a custom page in WordPress using a custom template. When working with large custom sites, a problem arises when you have a large number of pages using different templates. The only way to find out which template a page is using is by editing the page manually. In this article we will show you how to show page templates in WordPress Dashboard, so you can easily see which template each page is using without having to load the page editor for each individual page.
Ernest Alexander

Please check whether your site is having Javascript error(s), If your using Chrome or Safari, Please right click and click Inspect Element, then click Console tab. If you find any error. Then kindly deactivate that plugin and try one more time.
Anthony Baker

The Admin menu bar can be hidden in Frontend Dashboard based on the user roles.
1. Go to Admin Dashboard | Frontend Dashboard | Frontend Dashboard | User Profile Layout | Hide Admin Menu Bar
2. Select the necessary user roles to hide the WordPress admin menu bar, including Administrator and Unregistered users
3. Do save.
4. Now the Admin menu bar will be hidden for the selected user roles.

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