How to Quickly Activate / Deactivate WordPress Plugins from Admin Bar

How to Set the WordPress Admin Bar to Easily Activate and Deactivate Plugins
Michel Bachman

WordPress itself is extremely versatile. It’s through the use of plugins such as this when admins become the most efficient. Whether you’re testing out a new feature or you need to deactivate something that is breaking the site, tools like Plugin Toggle make it all that much easier to manage. Take the time and find tools that can help you get the most out of the experience.
Donna Simmons

Only the permalinks structures “Day and name”, “Month and name”, “Post name” and the custom ones ending with “%postname%” are supported for permanently deactivating plugins (they are also better for SEO).
Jimmy Butler

wp-login permalinks, auto login, register w/ pass, login/logout redirects, email as username, bg/logo/color customizations, hide…
Eliza Byers

Style Admin Bar. Add Plugins list to your Admin Bar. Activate and Deactivate plugins without page reload and moving to plugins page.

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