How to Find a Job Using a WordPress Blog

How to Find a Job Using a WordPress Blog
Jamal Houghton

A blog can be a great hub for your social media presence, but success is still based on your creative ideas, level of knowledge, beautiful personality, desire to put yourself out in the job market and ability to self promote. However, a well constructed social media presence gives you a competitive edge over the average job seeker, and in this highly competitive market, every bit counts. What are you waiting for? Control your social web presence and start a blog now.

How to Start A Blog in 2019 An Easy Free Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide to Create a Blog in 20 minutes
Lyndon Beattie

In addition to getting new readers to your blog, you will also want to make sure your current readers are coming back. This is where email marketing plays a big role. By collecting the email addresses of your visitors (with their permission of course), you can then notify them when you post something new on your blog. This keeps people coming back to your blog, which not only gives you more readers over time, it also allows you to build a closer relationship with your readers.

How to Create a WordPress Job Board (Beginner’s Guide)
Michel Bachman

If you run a WordPress site that caters to a particular field with plentiful work opportunities, a job board might work out for you. Take Smashing Magazine, for example (featured in the next screenshot). It’s a site devoted to web development and design, and it capitalizes on its audience by offering a jobs section. Now that’s a smart move!

How to Easily Create a Job Board in WordPress (NO HTML Required)
Leann Galbraith

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Ryan Griffin

Freelance jobs-board Elance lists (at the time of writing) 18,120 WordPress developers. There are even 7295 people on Fiverr

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who are willing to sling WordPress code for the princely sum of five-bucks. You read that right. Five dollars. There are a great many more places

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where developers look for work, and I imagine that I would find similarly sizable amounts of WordPress developers looking for freelance employment.

How to Start a WordPress Blog
Lorita Mansfield

Click on the word “here” as seen in the screenshot above, and hopefully you’ll see that your installation was successful. Bluehost will try to sell you some themes, but don’t worry, there are plenty of free themes available, so you don’t really have to get one from Bluehost if you don’t like what they have to offer. We’ll show you where to find those and how to install them in the next article. Also, you can always go back to their theme marketplace later; it’s actually accessible via your WordPress dashboard.

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Teresa Diaz

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She also has more than 15 years of experience training and advising managers at organizations from American Express to the City of New York.

She is an adjunct professor at New York University and an instructor at the American Management Association. Continue reading.

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