How to Display Relative Dates in WordPress

How to Display Relative Dates in WordPress
Roy Oliver

Do you want to display relative dates on your WordPress site? Relative dates are used on many popular social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. Instead of showing the date timestamps, these websites show how long ago something was posted. In this article, we will show you how to display relative dates in WordPress.

How to Show Relative Dates in WordPress Posts and Pages
Gerard Blake

Scroll down until you see the settings for Meks Time Ago Options. It is here where you can choose how the dates are displayed on posts.
Apply “time ago” format to: Check the boxes to determine how you want the format to be applied. This can be date, time, both or neither.
Apply to posts not older than: You can have the plugin apply the relative dates if they are younger than a certain number of months, days, hours and minutes.
Place “ago” word: The “ago” word can be placed before the relative date or after. It is up to you.
Rewrite “ago” word: Instead of using “ago,” you can alter it by putting in your own. For instance, you could put in “gone by.” I’ll use that in order to show you what it looks like.

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