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WordPress: Display Category Post Count
Lori Roberts

If you have a custom category layout, you may want to display the number of posts in that category. This can simply be achieved by placing the following code into your template file (probably category.php)…

How to Display All Your Subscriber Counts on WordPress
Roy Harris

With WordPress and the right plugins, your website visitors have the ability to easily subscribe to all of your various content feeds or social channels. And you have the ability to demonstrate the value of those feeds or social channels in a fraction of a second by simply displaying the associated subscriber counts. This is often referred to as social proof, and it indicates to new visitors that (hopefully) a lot of other people are already following along with what you have to say and they should, too. In this post, we’ll show you which plugins we recommend for the job and exactly how to use them.

How to Display Post Views Count in WordPress (Front-End)
Lucy Harrison

I’m the founder and one-man army behind all of this. Even though ThemeSkills was founded in 2014, I’ve been working with WordPress and SEO since 2011. I also know a bit of Photoshop and a bit more CSS and HTML. I also own WebStoked.com and Radu.link.

How to Display Recent Posts from Category in WordPress
Roy Oliver

There are two ways by which you can show you latest posts – one is by showing them in the slider or through the first section of the homepage with a label Recent Posts. The second is by having a sidebar widget where a handful of latest posts can be displayed. But the problem that some bloggers face is that when you have a blog containing multiple categories of posts, if you show a handful of recent posts then some of the latest posts of specific categories may never get the chance to show up on the list. For example, let us consider that your sidebar widget shows five recent posts and you have ten categories and you are publishing one post for each category every day. So, naturally, five posts won’t be displayed, and your visitors are probably not going to know about them at all.

Stacy Artis

Version 3.0.0
* Added author_id parameter, see #195
* Added has_password parameter
* Added s parameter for performing a site search, see #184
* Added date_format=”relative” format option (ex: 2 days ago), see #194
* Added post_parent__in and post_parent__not_in parameters, see #193
* Added excerpt_dash=”false” option to disable dash in excerpt, see #204
* Added additional parameters to the display_posts_shortcode_output filter
* Added additional parameters to the display_posts_shortcode_category_display filter, see #185
* $dps_listing loop now accessible globally, see #198
* $dps_listing loop now accessible in open/close filters
* Added .excerpt-more class to excerpt more text, see #205
* Now excerpt_more text is always appended to end of excerpt, see #197
* In parameters that support multiple terms, they can now be separated with a comma or comma-space, see #183

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